Johnson & Johnson Event

7th December 2018 (J&J Sdn.Bhd, Level 7, The Pinnacle)


Johnson & Johnson organized a play event for the staff with Toy Libraries Malaysia in conjunction with Children’s Day celebration. The event started with registration of staff. About 30 Johnson & Johnson staff were involve with the event and 7 members from Toy Libraries Malaysia. Mr Keat Chyuan Chin, Managing Director of Johnson & Johnson Malaysia give the welcome speech followed by video presentation of World Children’s Day. The video entitled “Go Blue on World Children’s
Day” by Millie Bobby Brown (One Young World Ambassador). Then Datin Wong from Toy Libraries Malaysia shared a presentation on importance of play. She explained about PLAY is a serious business in children development and how play can affect the developing brain. Most of the staff are parents themselves and they really appreciate the knowledge sharing.

All the staff had a really great time becoming kids again by playing in groups to understand more about the positive effect of playing.  Toy Libraries Malaysia staff introduced few ideas of play for them to explore. The ideas of play are making playdough, build a house using boxes, make a city using wooden block, play snake and ladder and board game. Many gave a good feedback about the play and games they did.

There was also toy donation drive where we managed to collect about 15 big boxes of toys from the Johnson & Johnson staff. They are happy to be able to share their toys with underprivileged children.

The event was fun and memorable to the staff as they celebrated Children’s Day, they learned about play and they were able to share the joy with others.

Human Rights Day

9th December 2018 (Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya)

Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) organized the event to commemorate the 2018 International Human Rights Day which falls on Dec 10. It also marked the conclusion of the 70 anniversary celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). It launched the event themed ‘StandUp4HumanRights’

         27 agencies including CSOs/NGOs, organisations, universities, government agencies, sponsors, and SUHAKAM divisions put up exhibits on their respective work focus and human rights. There were four areas covered which are rights to life, rights to education, sustainable actions for Malaysia and sustainable development goals. Many activities and games were done at respective booth by the exhibitors involved concurrently with the main event on stage. The event was started with the welcome remarks by Chairman of SUHAKAM followed by stage performance by SUHAKAM entitled ‘Perjuangan Yang Belum Selesai’. Then there was the speech and launch by member of the Parliament. Community of Orang Asli from Perak also did their traditional dance performance. Later on, the award ceremony was done for short video competition winners.

        Toy Libraries Malaysia was invited to have the exhibition for our work in the right to education. We had posters of our activities and we managed to sell toys and books to raise fund for our organization. A lot of visitor came to our booth to enquire more about our organization.

Idaman Eco Club

Idaman Apartment, Sungai Buloh

Idaman Eco Club is the community club for children at Idaman Apartment, Sungai Buloh. The children of Eco Club are in charge for the decoration of Toy Libraries and make the library surrounding become beautiful and green. This is apart from Go Green Project before and the children learn the technique on how to plant the tree, how to take care of the flowers, how to start gardening and many more.

Idaman Eco Club was inaugurate to put awareness for the children to love the environment and take care of their Toy Libraries at Idaman Apartment.

Lottie’s Science Adventure

23th – 25th November 2018 (Lot 10 Mall, Bukit Bintang)

YTL Foundation organized annual Christmas event at Lot 10 shopping mall. This year’s event, the theme was – STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). They collaborated with PETROSAINS. The Foundation aimed to bring together science enthusiasts under one roof to showcase the many aspects of STEAM subjects. They also encouraged giving as they were also charity sale and toy donation run. Lottie’s Science Adventure was open to the public and provided interesting and exciting time for everyone, not just children.

The event was launched by Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima (Dr) Abu Hassan Bin Othman, a member of the Board of Trustees of YTL Foundation. This event were participated by 11 vendors which are Mereka, Super Brain Bridge, Chumbaka, Science Bridge Academy, Supa Dupa Circus, Craft Haven, Mangosteen, Grab, Flow, and Amazin’s Grace. Toy Libraries Malaysia was one of the NGO invited to showcase our work with children.

The three day event was filled with fun activities. There was a Ukulele Group performance by United Learning Centre, Guitar performances by the Malaysian Karen Organisation, a melodious performance by Miss Hoh Jing Ying who played the Chinese Zither and many more.

The event continued with sewing activities by Mereka, Super Brain Bridge taught the kids on how to build a table lamp with bear hands, kids creating their own app with Chumbaka, while Carft Haven made photo frame with kids. Science Bridge Academy provided slime for kids and free balloon animals given by Supa Dupa Circus.   Other company were also there like Mangosteen selling their cosmetics and Grab provided promo code (lottie10) for 3 days straight as low as RM5 per ride.

 Toy Libraries Malaysia was given a booth and a little space which we set up as play area for kids. We introduced and explained our organization work to public who came and visit our booth. In addition, we managed to sell books and toys to raise fund for our organization.  We also had Toy Repair service to mend broken toys as we appreciate that certain toys do have a sentimental value to the owner. They gave us the broken toys and we send them to KakiRepair, once the toys are done, we deliver back to the owner. We provided a big toy box to collect toys. Public were encouraged to drop off their toys for donation. We will distribute the donated toys to the community toy libraries.

During the Lottie’s Science Adventure, there were Lottie bear sale to raise fund for NGOs. Toy Libraries Malaysia is one of the beneficiaries. We were also given some of the Lotties bears for sale at our subsequent event.

DRB Childrens Day

23th November 2018 (DRB-HICOM, Shah Alam)

DRB Hicom organized an event relating to parenting and children development in conjunction with Children’s Day celebration. Several activities were carried out on that day such as parenting talk, mini exhibition, toy donation drive and food stall. Parenting talk with the topic of “Parenting in 21 century : What urban parents need to pay attention to”. The objective of the talk is to give an alert message to parents on the importance of children protection was given by Dr. Zahilah Filzah from Sungai Buloh Hospital. For mini exhibition, several NGOs and PDRM were invited to showcase their work and create awareness on children matter to the DRB staff.

Among the exhibitors, there were Toy Libraries Malaysia, Childline Malaysia, PDRM, UPM Psychiatric Unit and so on. Toy Libraries Malaysia was there to promote our activities and collect toy donation by the staff. We also did fund raising by selling books and toys. There were about 50 staff that participated in the event. We managed to collect 5 boxes of toys and books. The donation was distributed to Toy Libraries under Toy Libraries Malaysia.

Toy Donation Day

2nd November 2018 (Tadika Sri Selatan, Bandar Tasik Selatan)

The event was launched by Ms. Renga the Principal of Tadika Sri Selatan. All the children and parents gathered at the main hall. There were donation boxes for toys, books and clothing. The children were given explanation on toy care and sharing the toy with underprivileged children. They wrote a special note on the toys that they are giving away with the hope that the toy will give a joy to the recipient. Ms. Aileen, the Secretary Toy Libraries Malaysia also give a talk on Toy Libraries Malaysia’s work and benefits of play.

They donated about 15 boxes and plastic bags of toys, books and clothing. The amount that they donated was overwhelming. The children were having fun giving out their toys and it was a pure joy of gifting.

Jom Play! @Idaman

30th September 2018 (Idaman Apartment, Sungai Buloh)

The program kicked off early at 7 am as the eager children could not wait to get the goodie bags and starts playing. They are excited about having the toy library as they are involved in the building of the toy library since the beginning. All of them registered for the event, and some of them registered as the member of the toy library. Membership fee is RM5 ringgit per child.

After the registration, they proceeded to health screening booth, Dr Raihan (Secretary of TLM) and volunteer doctors and dentists from ANAK organization did the basic health screening and dental check-up to ensure the children are not sick to prevent possible infection among them. They had excellent attitude towards healthcare provider, they were not scared to see the doctors and dentists and they kept encouraging their siblings and friends to get the check-up. As for dental check-up, generally the children have satisfactory oral hygiene. Dental care education was given and children requiring further dental treatment were referred to dental clinic. Referral letter was given for parents to bring their child to the nearest government clinic or hospital.

There were 15 fun and exciting games prepared for children aged 0-12 years old. One or two committee members were in charge of each game to teach children to play. The games played on that day are Toss the Ring, Giant Skittles, Giant draughts, Fun Football, Infant and Toddlers Games Station, Water Bombs, Spider Web, Picture matching, Toss the ball, Free painting, Teng teng, Fill water into bottle, Gunny sack race, Bowling ball, Matching shape and shredded paper pool.

All the activities were done at the playground area, in the toy library and also in the community hall next to the toy library. Parents enjoyed spending time and playing with their children. They were booth selling food and drinks during the event. The sellers are among the community itself. We also had one booth from one of our partner Athena selling gorgeous jewelries and handicraft. There was also toy booth by an invited toys supplier. The children were given chance to play the toys (the cup games) and they were amazed by their own ability to learn new games. TLM also set up a Jumble Sale Station to  raise funds for the JPCTL

IRAS ladies group led a Zumba and line dancing session with everyone joining in the fun. The event ended successfully around 1pm in the afternoon. Everybody enjoyed the activities and the children were asking for the event to be done weekly. Overall, the event was a success in achieving the objectives.

IKEA: Bring Your Child To Work

24th August 2018 (IKEA Mutiara Damansara)

       The activities of this event were carried out in two different groups. The first group consist of children from Apartment Idaman and the other group was children of IKEA staff. In the morning, they did their activities separately. At apartment Idaman, the children was guided by Toy Libraries Malaysia (TLM) staff as well as Toy Library Idaman Committee to create gift cards with the drawing of themselves and their dreams. These cards were to be given to their new friends from IKEA.

         While at IKEA Damansara, the other group of children got to know each other through ice breaking session, they also went to visit their parent’s workplace before they were given boxes for them to decorate and for them to put their presents for their new friends. All the activities were conducted by IKEA staff and TLM staff.

          Later in the afternoon, both group gathered at IKEA Damansara. They made friends in no time and played together few games that were prepared for them. Before the event ended, the children exchanged their gifts and cards with the hope that the newly formed friendship will last. They also had group photo for memories.

Painting With Nippon Paint

25th August 2018 (Idaman Apartment, Sungai Buloh)

After Toy Library was finished built at Idaman Apartment, Sungai Buloh, we got a sponsorship from Nippon Paint to paint the Toy Library and the playground around there including the surrounding. The painting day involves the community which includes parents, the JMB staffs and the exco members of Toy Libraries Malaysia.

The Toy Library and the surrounding become very colourful and extremely beautiful. This event brings a lot of joys and high level of satisfaction to all especially the community at Idaman Apartment.

Build Toy Library with EPIC Home

17th – 30th August 2018 (Idaman Apartment, Sungai Buloh)

EPIC Home was the one who in charge for building our first Toy Library which is located at Idaman Apartment, Sungai Buloh. The building process takes about 14 days to finish with the help from EPIC Home teams, the volunteers, exco member of Toy Libraries Malaysia and also the community of Idaman Apartment which are the JMB staffs and the excos.