About Toy Libraries 


Toy Libraries Malaysia (TLM) is a non-profit association established in 2017 for educators, parents, toy librarians, corporates, institutions, and toy libraries in Malaysia who believe in the benefits of play and value of toy libraries in building healthy communities.  TLM is also a collection centre for donations which allow others to share resources under its platform.

The Association is committed to the belief that via toy libraries, play, playthings and playful interactions are essential to optimal educational, physical, psychological, social and cultural development for all communities but in particular for all children. The main aim of association is to assist, coordinate, support and facilitate the setting-up, operations, services and monitoring of toy libraries. Toy Libraries Malaysia was registered with the Registrar of Societies on 12 February 2018 (PPM039-14-12022018).

Welcome Note from The Chief of Play


It has been a wonderful start for Toy Libraries Malaysia when we were registered with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia. We have had so much support from all of you and our corporate supporters which are Hong Leong Foundation, YTL Foundation, IKEA Malaysia, Nippon Paint, Johnson and Johnson, DRB Hicom, Tadika Sri Selatan and others helping make play available to children in marginalised communities.

Working with EPIC Communities and volunteers from the residents and children to build the Jom Play! Community Toy Library (CTL) at Idaman was a daunting venture in a low-cost housing community where play is still considered non-productive. But over the months we are seeing the community (including the children) taking charge of their own CTL to make it a hub for mothers (and fathers) and babysitters to enjoy play with their children. A safe space and oasis to chill out and relax. We hope this will become an alternative community learning centre that will enable play and quality early childhood care and education to be delivered to children. With Seeds Malaysia, the children have embarked on an effort to turn their space greener too!

We are thankful for the time and effort of our Exco members together with staff who pitched in to help when help was much needed, especially in our ToyAid4Kids Project with companies and early years centres who mobilised this for children and families to donate their preloved toys.

What do we look forward to in 2019? (Psst….this is a no brainer !)

1) More toy libraries small and big set up in communities where children have little or no access to toys, play and safe spaces! Possibly in Sabah as alternative learning centres and childcare support for stay-at-home mums and home-based babysitters
2) A Toy Library and Play Conference tentatively in June in conjunction with World Play Day 2019
3) Expanding our #ToyAid4Kids Campaign to collect preloved toys
4) More Play Talks and Play Workshops to parents and early years centres

We look forward to enabling play in as many marginalised communities as possible with the support of the public and the corporate sector.


Datin PH Wong
President & Chief Play Advocate
Association of Toy Libraries Malaysia


The Association’s vision is for every community in Malaysia especially the urban and rural poor communities to have access to toy libraries providing play and interaction among children, families and their communities to foster unity, cooperation, well being and a sense of community


  • To facilitate the setting up toy libraries for urban and rural poor communities to enable play and access to play materials and toys

  • Provide job opportunities for mothers and young people to be toy librarians and care providers or playgroup leaders

  • Set standards and guidelines for best practices for toy libraries in Malaysia


To promote the concept of toy libraries as a means for bringing play, play materials and learning through play to children, families and communities.

To co-ordinate and facilitate co-operation among toy library organizations, individual toy libraries and toy librarians providing opportunities for international and local exchange of ideas and resources.


To affiliate, liaise and network with other organizations including government, corporate sectors, NGOs and individuals who are interested in our objectives to share information or research about the value of toy libraries in educational, physical, social psychological, and cultural development.


To promote public awareness, disseminate information through the mass media and promote publications about toys and games that support educational, physical, psychological, social and cultural growth and draw attention to those that may be detrimental to development.

Committees Members

Datin PH Wong, President

She is the inaugural President of the Association of Toy Libraries Malaysia which took over the work of the National Council of Toy Libraries Malaysia in 2017 and is currently spearheading the setting up of community toy libraries in low cost flats in the Klang Valley to bring toys and play into the lives of the children. Datin PH Wong is involved in pioneering projects aimed at improving the quality of early childhood education, child safety, child rights, protection and participation having worked with Unicef Malaysia, Sime Darby Group, DIGi for outreach programmes to marginalised children on a wide variety of issues .

Ms Michelle Cheah, Vice President

Michelle is an early childhood educator specialising in teaching children with special needs. She operates Blooming Kidz Inclusion Play-school in Ipoh which caters for children with special needs and typically developing children, ages 1.5 years to 6 years – both groups of children taught in the same fashion. She believes in a play – based thematic teaching system which encompasses their whole senses to experience the teaching and curiosity in wanting to learn where children get to “see” and experience lessons in practical ways.

Dr Nik Raihan Mohamed, Secretary

Dr Raihan is a paediatric doctor who believes in wellness and that the optimal development of children is way beyond the four walls of a clinic. She loves to be involved in activities for children, from experience in SCAN team to volunteering in medical check-up for underprivileged children. Being a mother of two young girls, she always appreciates play time with the girls. Knowing the benefits of play, she joins the Association to promote play as well as creating awareness in the advantages of having a toy library in our community.

Ms Aileen Hoe, Assistant Secretary

Aileen graduated from Charles Sturt University, Australia with a Degree in Finance and Banking in 2002. She was in corporate finance for five years before she embarked in a full-time teaching career. Qualified in teaching English as a second language, and trained in speech and drama, and music and movement, she has been in the education scene for over 20 years. She currently the Director of English Champ, an enrichment centre for pre- schoolers, primary and secondary children. She makes learning fun, and is an advocate in English literacy, inclusive education and children’s right to play.

Ms Loh Lin Khuan, Treasurer

Lin has been in education for over 33 years. She holds a degree in Early Childhood from University of Southern Queensland and Diploma in(Early Years from Newborough College & Primary) from the North Montessori Centre. She believes in quality education that is beyond excellence and a teacher- parent-led approach in educating a child. Conducts regular trainings and workshops for her teachers to develop and improve the quality of teaching.

Ms Lydia Wong, Assistant Treasurer

As a mother of two, and an early years’ educator for 21 years, Lydia uses arts and crafts, and play in teaching children. She believes that children need to be given a chance to play freely and be happy to grow emotionally and socially. She is actively involved in establishment of the Toy Library at her school. She basically set up the Toy Library from the start by sorting and categorising all the toys and books donated by people, cleaning and arranging them into shelves. Lydia is the Senior Directress (Senior Teacher) in a Montessori preschool, Tree Top House @Eduvillage in Kuala Lumpur.